Sunday, June 24, 2012

STANDING TALL on STONES of FUNTASTIC Island (Gibitngil Island, Medellin, Cebu)

Photo by Lord Ian Oliveras

These photos were taken in one of the best island in Cebu! I was with my teammates/colleagues in travelling. From Cebu City, we traveled all the way in southern part of Cebu for 3 hours to reach Medellin, Cebu. It was an amazing experience, combination of fun, laughter and moments worth reminiscing for lifetime.
Photo by Lord Ian Oliveras

From Medellin, Cebu, we travel going to FUNTASTIC or Gibitngil Island for 15 minutes. It was an amazing boatride, the waves are huge that every time we feel the boat moves, we are shouting! hahahaha it was scary and thrilling. Every after shout are endless laughter's that's still fresh in my mind. After reaching Gibitlngil, we hiked for an hour just to reach FUNTASTIC Island, it's a small island with amazing white sands and roaring waves.
Photo by Lord Ian Oliveras

It was soo tiring, it was something we never expected, hahahaha but upon reaching the place,  all tiring and stressful emotions we're all gone! and this is how it looks like.
Photo by Lord Ian Oliveras

Thanks God for giving me 20-20 vision and it's too easy for me to find spots for my pictorials! I see these amazing stones where I can do my shoot, with the help of my photographer, All of these were made! I personally love his shots!
Photo by Lord Ian Oliveras
This photo above is my ultimate favorite! I was so tall. I was wearing a thrifted shirt for only Php 35. The gloves we're sponsored by my friend Catherine Cimafranca, vintage necklace from Folded and Hung and I pair it with Ray-Ban Driver series. How do you like it? hahahaha

Photo by Lord Ian Oliveras

Feel free to go to this place and feel FUNTASTIC! I tell you, it's all worth it. The place is a paradise hidden from urban areas! If you want to forget problems and avoid stress, I highly recommend this place!

Words from APPLE: Anywhere you go, wether it's urban or rural area? Always bring your fashion with you. FASHION knows no place, no time and no obstacles! Beauty and glam is all we have and one way to express it is through our FASHION sense!

Thanks for your time reading this! God bless. :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Touch of RED!

Photo by Sheryl Rabanes

RED is the color for APPLE, and that's what I want to convey in this look! Sometimes I was thinking, am I beyond the limit? Do people see me appropriate in terms of fashion? Oh well, what I have in my mind is -- "TRY AS WE MIGHT, WE CANNOT PLEASE EVERYBODY", what matters is how we express our style through our fashion sense, this is me and no one can change it.

Photo by: Sheryl Rabanes

Photo by Sheryl Rabanes

This is another THRIFTED look I have. The top was a gift from a friend Sheila Carranza. Accessories was from Aizelym, its a thrifted store in Carbon, Cebu where you can buy a lot for a cheap discounted price (mura na nga, may disocunt pa, LOVE!). The RED belt was from side walk along Colon, Cebu, I was walking and it caught my sight and I didn't have second though of buying it, hahahaha sa halagang Php 80 lamang.

This headpiece I made is a scarf, to complement the touch of RED look. I rolled it like a flower and it looks like a turban. Creativity sometimes helps, I never had regrets joining Boy Scout during my elementary days, it taught me to be ready and creative at times. Haha

Photo by Sheryl Rabanes

The RED Dorothy Perkins pumps was from UK, I bought it froma friend. I love it coz it's so comfortable to wear, I can't feel that i'm wearing high heels. Sometimes fashion and comfort are cooperative and that's what I feel everytime I wear this shoes!

Photos were taken by a friend Sheryl Rabanes, I just love how well she manipulates lens that I can't even notice that the shoot is done. Haha, location was at the rooftop of my pod.

Thanks for reading. Til then! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

THRIFTED ain't BAD, is it?

I'm a big fan of THRIFTED products, that's for sure. hahahaha! Most or almost half of my stuff are. I adore them co'z of the following reasons:

1. Cheap. Not too heavy in pocket.
2. I'm sure i'm the only one wearing it in the place.
3. Textiles/materials used are good.
4. Easy to play with, you can play with colors and prints.
5. It's all worth it! You are even paying much less than the worth of your item.

To earn money at this point of time isn't easy, so we have to be a wise buyer sometimes. Who the hell cares about what you're wearing or how much you're wearing, whats matters most is how good you look with it!

One thing I learned after 28 years of existence is never to pretend, most especially pretend that you have money to buy branded clothes. YES! people will look at you given that you have expensive stuff but does that make you earn something? No offense, I'm not trying to hit someone with this statement but what I'm trying to ponder is, be where you're at! Learn with it, embrace it and dwell on it! 

In my case, I always see-to-it that I look good everytime I go out of my place, people aren't expecting that I'm wearing thrifted products co'z I always feel the glam in me! That positivism in you will reflect on how you appear to everyone, and that's what you should work first, start loving yourself and everything else will follow.

Items I'm wearing in above pictures are all thrifted, haha. That shorts is only Php 129, that cardigan top is only Php 33, socks was from a friend named Josh Canares and the Alberto's shoes is only Php 500 (it's a sale, haha).

At the end of the day we're all humans, we eat, we sleep, we work and above all, we LIVE! Life is short to waste and not to enjoy but remember one thing, there's always a limit for everything. Don't spend too much for stuff, PRACTICALITY baby, with thrifted, you can get even or more with labelled ones.

Thanks for your time! Hava ggreat day! Mwaaah, till then.. <3<3



Saturday, June 9, 2012

Looks can be THRIFTED yet GLAMROUS!

Photo by: Victoria Pastorfide

Photo by: Victoria Pastorfide

Photo by: Victoria Pastorfide

You don't need to spend much money to have a good look! I am a big fan of cheap/practical fashion. I don't spend a lot of penny in creating my looks! Like this one, it's a simple touch of military glam.

The boots? I got that from a thrifted store, believe it or not, it's only Php 96. Hahahaha

The Trench coat? Again, it's thrifted, got it for only Php 150.

The leggings? Oh well, you can find leggings anywhere, sidewalk baby, it's only a hundred.

The pop totter top? It's from Artwork, Ayala Cebu. It's only 150.

The scarf? It's a long sleeves turned into a big round scarf to add europian-ish effect.

See? for only Php 500, you can create a look with a glam! The keys are the following:

1. Confidence - be confident and feel it. Remeber,  what you feel inside will reflect in the totality of your appearance.

2. Narcissism -  love yourself above all. Don't care about other people will think about you. What is important is you love what you have, embrace it and work it! At the end of the day, it's you who will take care of yourself.

3. Optimism - Always have positive outlook, always think of positive things. What you think will go back to you.

4. Creativeness/Resourcefulness - be creative enough and use things that you see or you have. Things can be use for other purpose and that's what I did in this scarf.

Hope that you guys learned something out of this look I presented. Hehehehee, hope that this tips somehow gave you idea what to wear on a daily basis. Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, dapat maging praktikal. Filipino's are known for it (creativeness) and let's prove it by expressing and showing out own idea through the looks we have!

Thanks for taking your time in reading this. God bless you!


Apple. Placer


Lemme INTRODUCE myself...

February 18, 1984, a child named Arnold Placer was born. He was named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous Mr. Universe and popular that time. His parents were happy to see this cute, white skinned baby with hazel eyes, his smile made everyone's day!

 As time goes by, Arnold grew up and he grew up smart, learn things fast and shows a lot of talents, he can sing, dance and above all, he is intelligent. Always part of honors list, finished elementary and high school with lying colors, his parents were proud except one thing, he's gay! His parents were asking how come this happen that no one in the family is gay, this instance can never be hereditary, until they realize that Arnold was with his 2 sisters all the time, he grew up being with them, grew up seeing things that women does. But it was never a problem to them, his parents accepted the fact that their son carries a woman's heart, that he is different from others!

That Arnold by the way is me, I got the name Apple during my college days, my friends and I were talking during our break time and they asked me to change my name. I was confused and one friend named Ar-jay asked me whats my favorite fruit and i answered: APPLE! And from that day, they all call me apple and I carry that name til today.

This is a short story of my life, how it all started, whats my real name and how i got the name I'm using right now. My father wasn't afraid that I'm gay, he was afraid how am I gonna handle this cruel world that might discriminate me since I an different from others. But I told him, It's not gonna be a problem in me, yes, I am unique and I am strong enough to fight them, and at the end of the day? I'll win their respect. I asked for my fathers trust, he gave it to me and I showed him how brave his son/daughter is.

My parents never fail to support me in everything I want, I am obsessed with fashion and they did not stop me from it. Instead they supported me the right way. And in my next blogs I'll show some of my collections and give some tips on how to express yourself through fashion.

That's all for now, I'm sleepy already, hahahaha goodnight y'all. :)

You can also visit my lookbook account: for some sample looks I have. Thanks.