Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lemme INTRODUCE myself...

February 18, 1984, a child named Arnold Placer was born. He was named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous Mr. Universe and popular that time. His parents were happy to see this cute, white skinned baby with hazel eyes, his smile made everyone's day!

 As time goes by, Arnold grew up and he grew up smart, learn things fast and shows a lot of talents, he can sing, dance and above all, he is intelligent. Always part of honors list, finished elementary and high school with lying colors, his parents were proud except one thing, he's gay! His parents were asking how come this happen that no one in the family is gay, this instance can never be hereditary, until they realize that Arnold was with his 2 sisters all the time, he grew up being with them, grew up seeing things that women does. But it was never a problem to them, his parents accepted the fact that their son carries a woman's heart, that he is different from others!

That Arnold by the way is me, I got the name Apple during my college days, my friends and I were talking during our break time and they asked me to change my name. I was confused and one friend named Ar-jay asked me whats my favorite fruit and i answered: APPLE! And from that day, they all call me apple and I carry that name til today.

This is a short story of my life, how it all started, whats my real name and how i got the name I'm using right now. My father wasn't afraid that I'm gay, he was afraid how am I gonna handle this cruel world that might discriminate me since I an different from others. But I told him, It's not gonna be a problem in me, yes, I am unique and I am strong enough to fight them, and at the end of the day? I'll win their respect. I asked for my fathers trust, he gave it to me and I showed him how brave his son/daughter is.

My parents never fail to support me in everything I want, I am obsessed with fashion and they did not stop me from it. Instead they supported me the right way. And in my next blogs I'll show some of my collections and give some tips on how to express yourself through fashion.

That's all for now, I'm sleepy already, hahahaha goodnight y'all. :)

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