Monday, June 18, 2012

Touch of RED!

Photo by Sheryl Rabanes

RED is the color for APPLE, and that's what I want to convey in this look! Sometimes I was thinking, am I beyond the limit? Do people see me appropriate in terms of fashion? Oh well, what I have in my mind is -- "TRY AS WE MIGHT, WE CANNOT PLEASE EVERYBODY", what matters is how we express our style through our fashion sense, this is me and no one can change it.

Photo by: Sheryl Rabanes

Photo by Sheryl Rabanes

This is another THRIFTED look I have. The top was a gift from a friend Sheila Carranza. Accessories was from Aizelym, its a thrifted store in Carbon, Cebu where you can buy a lot for a cheap discounted price (mura na nga, may disocunt pa, LOVE!). The RED belt was from side walk along Colon, Cebu, I was walking and it caught my sight and I didn't have second though of buying it, hahahaha sa halagang Php 80 lamang.

This headpiece I made is a scarf, to complement the touch of RED look. I rolled it like a flower and it looks like a turban. Creativity sometimes helps, I never had regrets joining Boy Scout during my elementary days, it taught me to be ready and creative at times. Haha

Photo by Sheryl Rabanes

The RED Dorothy Perkins pumps was from UK, I bought it froma friend. I love it coz it's so comfortable to wear, I can't feel that i'm wearing high heels. Sometimes fashion and comfort are cooperative and that's what I feel everytime I wear this shoes!

Photos were taken by a friend Sheryl Rabanes, I just love how well she manipulates lens that I can't even notice that the shoot is done. Haha, location was at the rooftop of my pod.

Thanks for reading. Til then! :)


  1. my dear, I am very glad that you made the blog and I will follow certainly you!

    1. -- thanks dear! appreciate it! hahaha at last I have one now. loove

    2. I am enamoured of this look! It is tremendous and is ideal! Fine, stylish footwear and in color a scarf and a belt. excellent combination to mini shorts and long shirt.

    3. -- thanks for all the complements dear! im extremely happy that you liked it. im inspired now. haha.