Saturday, June 9, 2012

Looks can be THRIFTED yet GLAMROUS!

Photo by: Victoria Pastorfide

Photo by: Victoria Pastorfide

Photo by: Victoria Pastorfide

You don't need to spend much money to have a good look! I am a big fan of cheap/practical fashion. I don't spend a lot of penny in creating my looks! Like this one, it's a simple touch of military glam.

The boots? I got that from a thrifted store, believe it or not, it's only Php 96. Hahahaha

The Trench coat? Again, it's thrifted, got it for only Php 150.

The leggings? Oh well, you can find leggings anywhere, sidewalk baby, it's only a hundred.

The pop totter top? It's from Artwork, Ayala Cebu. It's only 150.

The scarf? It's a long sleeves turned into a big round scarf to add europian-ish effect.

See? for only Php 500, you can create a look with a glam! The keys are the following:

1. Confidence - be confident and feel it. Remeber,  what you feel inside will reflect in the totality of your appearance.

2. Narcissism -  love yourself above all. Don't care about other people will think about you. What is important is you love what you have, embrace it and work it! At the end of the day, it's you who will take care of yourself.

3. Optimism - Always have positive outlook, always think of positive things. What you think will go back to you.

4. Creativeness/Resourcefulness - be creative enough and use things that you see or you have. Things can be use for other purpose and that's what I did in this scarf.

Hope that you guys learned something out of this look I presented. Hehehehee, hope that this tips somehow gave you idea what to wear on a daily basis. Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, dapat maging praktikal. Filipino's are known for it (creativeness) and let's prove it by expressing and showing out own idea through the looks we have!

Thanks for taking your time in reading this. God bless you!


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  1. Love the outfit and thanks for following back on twitter. You should send in a couple of pics of yourself to my blog for global style post.

    1. sure bobby! i'd be more than happy to send you my photos. Just lemme know where to send it. Thanks! always welcome. hope to see you soon. :)